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2023-4 ‘Curated Conversations: Exploring the Politics of Migration Through Ideas’, podcast series curated (and produced with Amp Studios in Nairobi) for African Arguments and the Heinrich Böll Foundation

Image 1. CC series flyer.png

Series flyer

Image 2.  Tendayi Achiume.png

Flyer, first episode with Tendayi Achiume

Series home: (LINK).

Read my curator’s feature: (LINK).

Listen to series trailer: (LINK).

Shownotes: (LINK)

2023, Urban Displacement Dossier, edited and curated for the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Horn of Africa Office

Image 3. Urban Displacement (Kambo).png

Illustration by Robert Maina Kambo, courtesy Heinrich Böll Foundation

Forced eviction in Thiès, Senegal, 22.1.2022 (Courtesy: Mbaye Dieng & DakarActu TV)

Dossier home: (LINK)

Read my editorial: (LINK).  

2022-3 ‘African Migration’: Year-long series of articles and video co-produced with The Elephant for the Heinrich Böll Foundation


Illustration by The Elephant, courtesy The Elephant and Heinrich Böll Foundation

Watch interview with Nanjala Nyabola

Series home: (LINK). 

Read my feature in this series on Europe’s externalization of migration controls to Africa: (LINK).  

2020 Coordinator and film curator, Lahore Biennale, 2nd edition (LB02), January 26th-Februrary 29th: ‘between the sun and the moon’, curated by Hoor al Qasimi

Lahore Biennale

Indus Water Machines Pak, a new commission by Pak Khawateen Painting Club at the 2nd edition of the Lahore Biennale, 2020.


Almagul Menlibayeva’s installation at LB02

Almagul Menlibayeva’s installation at LB02 in Caravan (Link)


Concept note: (Link)

Film forum: (Link)

2018 British Film Institute, London, August 10th-12th: Co-Curator of ‘Jamil Dehlavi: Between the Sacred and the Profane’

Watch Dehlavi in conversation with co-curator Timothy Cooper at the event

Watch me discuss Dehlavi’s work at the LSE summit in Karachi (2017)

Dehalvi press release (Link)  

Read my curator’s preview on Dehalvi in the National (Link)

Read Fatima Bhutto’s profile of Dehlavi in the Guardian (event coverage) (Link)

Born of Fire DVD re-release (featuring essay on Islamic futurism):  (Link)

Blood of Hussain DVD re-release (featuring lecture at the BFI, “Between the Sacred and the Profane”):  (Link)

2017 Kino Moviemento, Berlin, September 22nd, Curator of anthropoSCENE: film and climate justice in Asia and Africa (with the Rosa Luxembourg foundation) (Link)

Festival Trailer: anthropoSCENE

ALI 6.png

anthropoSCENE poster (2017)

Read my curator’s preview in the National (Link)

Read a report on anthropoSCENE in the ZMO newsletter (Link)

Press release (English & German) (Link)  (Link)

2011 ICA London, 21st September: Co-curator of Winds of Change: Cinema in Muslim Societies (Link)

Read : ‘Is there a Muslim World?"(2010) in Third Text (Issue 104) 'Cinema in Muslim Societies (Link). 

Les Silences du Palais + Intro by Ros Gr
Takva + Intro by Vedide Kaymak.png

Les Silences du Palais (dir. Moufida Tlatli, 1994), screened at Winds of Change

Takva [A Man’s Fear of God] (dir. Özer Kızıltan, 2006), screened at Winds of Change

Read Sukhdev Sandhu’s preview in the Guardian (Link)

Listen to BBC feature coverage of this event in the Strand: (Link)

Edited volume on Cinema in Muslim Societies linked to this event:  (Link)

Is there a Muslim World?"(2010) in Third Text (Issue 104) 'Cinema in Muslim Societies (Link) 


6. screen shot.png

Single Wicket, Urdu and Punjabi with English subtitles, 24 minutes. Urban anthropology of street cricket and urban marginality in Lahore and its hinterlands (funded by a research project with Ali Khan at LUMS University, currently in production).

Read my feature on ‘Tape Ball, the user-friendly alternative to cricket invented by Pakistan’s poor’ in the National: (Link)

Lok Sath [People’s Tribunal], 2018, Saraiki with English subtitles, 22 minutes: Animated video essay about peasant resistance to coal power plants in Pakistan’s Southern Punjab, screened at Ethnografia festival, Paris, 2019, Tate Modern and Silent Green galleries (Berlin).

Read my feature relating to this documentary: (Link)

Waseb [Nation], Saraiki and Urdu with English subtitles, 24 minutes: Short documentary about resistance poetry and the aftermath of the 2010 flood disaster in Pakistan. Screened at the Tate Modern, numerous international festivals and conferences in the US, Europe and Asia.

Read my academic article on disaster cosmology relating to this documentary (Link)

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