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Workshop on Return Migration and Gender, Banjul, 2022

Urban Displacement Conference, Nairobi 2023

AnthropoSCENE, Kino Moviemento, Berlin 2017, Photo by courtesy Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung

Gabriel Ochieng of the Refugee Law Project, Uganda addressing delegates at an HBS workshop on Refugee-led Organizations in Nairob

Urban Displacement Conference, Nairobi 2023

2024, 1st March, Nairobi: Statement on the Genocide in Gaza: (Link) 

2023, 28th August, Nairobi: ‘The Problem of Forced Evictions: Migration, Development, and Displacement in African Cities’, conference convened for Heinrich Böll Foundation): (Link) 


2023 Munich, 24th February, Bellevue di Monaco, panel discussion on migration, asylum and the climate crisis (Link)

which is now available on Youtube: Watch: (Link) 

2022, 15th November, Webinar: ‘After Melilla: Racism and Migration in North Africa and the Euro-Mediterranean’, convened and moderated for African Arguments: (Link

2022, 10th-11th November, Banjul: ‘Return Migration and Gender: Assessing the Gender Responsiveness of Return and Reintegration Programs of Migrants in West Africa’, conference co-convened with Paolo Gaibazzi (University of Bologna) and Ismaila Ceesay (University of The Gambia) for the Heinrich Böll Foundation: (Link)

2022 Leipzig, 14th October, GLOBE22: Concepts against Climate Injustice in Science, Documentary Film and Philosophy (Link)


2021 Berlin, Thursday 18th February: Book presentation: Climate Justice and Migration: Mobility, Development, and Displacement in the Global South



2021 Berlin, 21st July. Video statement featured in the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s ‘Indispensable: The Refugee Convention at 70’. (Artists, academics, refugees, activists express support for the basic principles of the Convention):  (Link)

2019 London, December 21st, Tate Modern, screenings: Waseb and Lok Sath: (Link)


2019 Berlin, November 26-27th Heinrich Boll & ZMO, Workshop/Panel discussion, ‘Climate Justice and Mobility’: (Link)

Panel discussion: (Youtube Link)  


2019 London, 23rd October, talk on ‘Film and Political Ecology in the South’, Stuart Hall Library Research Network, INIVA: (Link)


2019 Berlin, 15th September, Panel discussion, Berlin Literature festival: German Migration Policy in Practice (Link)


2019 Berlin, Silent Green, June 29th, screening of Lok Sath a ‘Tell me what matter was the ground’ (Link)


2019 Paris, April 20th, screening, Lok Sath (People’s Tribunal) at Ethnografia film festival (Link)


2019 Lahore, LUMS University, April 10-11th, ‘Cricket in the Age of Late Capitalism,’ paper co-presented with Ali Khan at Lahore University of Management Sciences, annual social sciences conference


2019 Brussels, Heinrich Boll Stiftung, March 19th. Panelist at expert exchange and launch of report ‘A Local Turn for European Refugee Politics’


2019 Berlin, 31st January: “Gender, Sexuality and the Socialist Interlude: Pakistani Cinema’s Long 1960s and Turbulent Seventies” (Public lecture in Leibniz-ZMO’s Winter Colloquium, ‘Performing Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia,’ which I co-organized).  (Link)

2018 London, British Film Institute, August 10th: “Between the Sacred and the Profane”: Illustrated talk exploring the cultural, artistic and political background of Jamil Dehlavi. A recording of this talk is available as an extra on the DVD release: (Link)

2018 Minneapolis, April 16th: Conference paper at ‘Prince from Minneapolis’ conference, University of Minneapolis


2018 Michigan, April 14th: Conference paper on the filmmaking of Jamil Dehlavi at ‘Process in Modern and Contemporary Islamic Art,’ at the Helmet Stern Museum of Art, University of Michigan.


2018 Michigan, April 6th: Conference paper presented on migration and human smuggling at the annual conference on Pakistan, University of Michigan.


2017 Berlin, September 23rd: ‘Politics and aesthetics in southern Punjab: Migration, displacement and urbanization in the hinterlands of Lahore’, paper presented at the Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin. Traveling Workshop on “Migration and Discrimination”, Cornell University.


2017 Berlin September 22nd, film Screening, Waseb [Nation], Moviemento cinema, anthropoScene film festival (Link YouTube)

2017 Berlin May 27th, ‘The Islamic Ethic and the Spirit of Neo-liberalism’, paper presented at ZMO Moralities Workshop


2017 Karachi, 10-11th April 2017, panelist on Art and Modernity at LSE Pakistan Summit (Link)

(Youtube Link)


2017 University of Salford, March 21st: Paper presented at Purple Reign: a conference on the life and legacy of Prince.


2017 Leiden, March 14th, film screening, Waseb [Nation], ‘Framing Asia’ University of Leiden, Asian Studies (Link)

2017 Oxford, March 6th, film Screening, Waseb [Nation], Wolfson College Oxford. 


2017 Paris, Science-Po, March 1st: ‘The Politics of Resources: Conflict and Resistance in Pakistan’s Southern Punjab’, conference paper presented and screening of Waseb at at ‘Crisis and Conflict in the Agrarian World’.

2016 Karachi, 5th February: Book launch (Cinema and Society), Karachi Literature Festival:  (Link)


2016 Singapore, November 22nd, film Screening, Waseb [Nation]: Disastrous Pasts: New Directions in Asian Disaster history at the National University of Singapore. (Link)


2016 Seattle, October, Film Screening, Waseb [Nation], Social Justice Film Festival


2016 Paris, Film Screening, Waseb [Nation] at Ethnografilm Festival March, Paris


2015 Bucharest, June 18-20th: New Europe College, Bucharest, Romania “Flood-Causality and Post-Colonial States: The 2010 Disaster in Pakistan’s Southern Punjab” at conference on ‘Floods, State, Dams and Dykes in Modern Times: Ecological and Socio-economic Transformations of the Rural World’. 


2014 Heidelberg, December 3rd: Film Screening, Waseb [Nation]: Heidelberg University: “Pakistan Parallel Narratives of the Nation-State”.  


2014 Singapore, October 15-18th: “Urban Marginality in Pakistan’s Smaller Cities: Rethinking Disaster Through the 2010 Floods”, National University of Singapore (Paper at conference: ‘The Quotidian Anthropocene, Asia Research Institute’). 


2014 Boston, April 7th: “Tamasha Politics: Journalism, Democracy and Illusory Dissent in Pakistani Media” Public Lecture at International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis University (link) 


2014 Boston, March 7th, “The dystopian dialectics of Illegal Migration”: at Brandeis University ‘Futures Imperfect: Utopias and Dystopias in South Asia’ (Workshop Paper)


2014 Lahore, March: LUMS HSS Global War Centenary: paper at conference proceedings of LUMS 2014 annual social sciences conference (Global War Centenary) entitled: “Conspiracy and Statecraft in Post-Colonial States: Theories and Realities of the Hidden Hand in Pakistan’s War on Terror”

2013 April 5, Lahore: ‘Asian Ecologies: Capitalism, Modernity and the Environment’, conference co-convened by Ali Nobil Ahmad. (Link)


2012 Leiden, December 12-14th: “The State in Asia”.  Conference paper, ‘War making and state-building in post-colonial states: Pakistan from the standpoint of its people” presented.   2011 Rotterdam, September 1-2nd, paper presented on piracy and Pushto teledrama/cinema at ‘Media Morphologies: Infrastructures and Technologies in Art, Cinema and Popular Culture’ workshop, ‘De Nieuwe Oogst’ urban culture platform.


2008 London, May: UCL, Leverhulme Conference on Migration and Citizenship. Organised by Professor John Salt. Presented findings of research on smuggling and trafficking.


2008 Barcelona, April: Paper on Pakistanis in Italy presented at international seminar at the University of Barcelona held by the CIDOB foundation: ‘Asians in the Mediterranean: Diaspora, transnationalism and ethnic entrepreneurship’


2008 University of Sussex, 14-15th March, workshop paper presented at “Love, Sexuality and Migration” (LSM), held under the IMISCOE European Research Network.  


2007 Nice, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, December 6-8th: paper on illegal migration and work in Europe at “New Migration Dynamics” conference.   

2007 Leiden University, January 18-19th, Conference paper on masculinity and irregular at “Borders, irregular migration and gender in a global historical perspective”


2006, Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieur, March 27-9th, conference Paper on masculinity and irregular migration at “History, Gender, and Migration”.


2006 London, Royal Geographical Society, 30th August-September 1st, conference paper on illegal migration and work in London at “Global Social justice and Environmental Sustainability”.


Undergraduate courses taught at LUMS University 2009-16 and/or Brandeis University 2014




History, Theory, Historiography (200-level)

Introduction to History; the premodern world  (100-level)

The World Since 1453 (100-level)

A Short History of Europe’s Long Twentieth Century (200-level)

Debating Revolutions (200-level)

War, Memory, Society (400-level)


South Asian Studies


Pakistan: State and Society (200-level)

Cinema and Society: A History of the Pakistani film industry (200-level)




The Politics of Resources (200-level)

Nature, Power, Modernity (200-level)


Film and Media

Cinema and Society: A History of the Pakistani film industry (200-level)

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